Jeffrey T. Shelton's Artwork Details

Sizes and Pricing

I believe in a simplified size and pricing structure. Unlike some Artists who have a list of various sizes and prices along with charges for additional figures. I offer two sizes; 11 x 14 and 19 x 24. If you have a targeted size that you want, I'll do my best to make it happen. My passion is my work and ultimately want to create a picture you'll love. I enjoy drawing a larger picture because of how much more detail can be done. This does however depend on the size and quality of the photograph you provide. A blurry photo doesn't allow me to capture the true image and I would be left to guess what I think it looks like. The same is true of a photo with the image at a distance where fine details are lost. So ordering an 11 x 14 drawing, it is possible to end up with a slightly larger drawing at no additional cost. The 19 x 24 is the largest size which is drawn on standard paper. In some cases, depending on the quality of the provided photograph, I will recommend it be drawn in the smaller size.

Size 11 x 14 Unframed [free shipping] framing is additional
Size 19 x 24 Unframed [free shipping] framing is additional

** ARTIST GUARANTEE: If for some reason you don't love your drawing, you don't have to pay for it.
I'll retain the deposit and keep the drawing for my Portfolio. **


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