Jeffrey T. Shelton's Biography

Art has been a part of my life since I was a child. But it was drawing that attracted the most attention. It was the one thing that always felt right to me. Unfortunately as a younger man I convinced myself that drawing just wasn't good enough. The process is time consuming and I felt it was under appreciated. Most reactions I got when I told people "I draw" made me feel that drawing is the most undesirable form of art. People seem to be more impressed with painting or pastels. It was then through a series of challenges and closed doors that I stopped doing the one thing I've always done. I instead began to focus on a career and material things. All of my supplies were packed up in a box and for the better part of 8 years did no art at all. It wasn't until the end of 2008 that I got the spark again. I was at home working on the computer, there was a horse magazine sitting on the side. I happened to find a picture, grabbed some paper and began sketching. It was with the completion of this drawing that got me re-inspired.

With My Horse With My Horse With My Horse

What more beautiful thing to capture on paper than a horse. My brother introduced me into the horse world several years ago. But it wasn't until owning horses that I realized just how incredible they really are. I finally found my calling; so my focus is on drawing the equestrian life and all that surrounds it. I currently live in the middle of horse country on the outskirts of Ortonville, MI surrounded by the very thing that fuels my inspiration. I am however open to most any subject mater as my true passion resides in creating art. My goal is to simply be recognized in the art world and to create heirloom drawings. I want to end by saying never take a God given gift and put it in the closet.


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